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While seeking a relief for anxiety attacks and calm through unbearable grief, Shavonne Holton returned to yoga in 2016. Her personal journey began as she struggled to get through short-videos on the floor of her cozy office. Over time, she realized a budding transformation from within. After feeling detached by grief and loss, practicing yoga helped Shavonne to return to her body, therefore cultivating total self-acceptance for the first time.

Before developing her regular yoga practice, Shavonne trained as an avid cross-fitter and a growing competitive Olympic weightlifter. Strength training not only deepened her focus, but it made her feel resilient. By the time she began her personal yoga practice, Shavonne was able to lift the equivalent of her body weight overhead! However, when tragedy hit home in 2016, she learned that she could not muscle through all of her problems. It was then that she realized:


“Strength is not only determined by what we manage under pressure, but true strength is realized by our willingness to breathe through it with grace and ease.”

Shavonne Holton, Founder


In March 2018, Shavonne began her journey through the 200-hour yoga teacher training under the suggestion of a colleague. In May 2018, Strength In Om was founded help others grow into the acceptance of themselves through online yoga videos, signature workshops, and an annual retreat. In July 2018, Shavonne became a certified yoga instructor and has not slowed down since!

In less than a year, Strength In Om has become known for hosting the outdoor yoga series entitled Poses in the Park, launched athleisure fashion to wear both on and off of the mat, and was a finalist for the Black Hatch Fund business accelerator competition.

We affirm that…

every BODY yoga
— Jessamyn Stanley

Every body across age, type, and ability can benefit from a regular yoga practice. The mission of Strength In Om is to cultivate self-acceptance and resiliency through the breath. Our vision is to expand our team to include strength training offerings and to develop an international online yoga studio with premium content and experiences for members.      


about our founder



Shavonne Holton


Shavonne is an energetic creative who was introduced to yoga during her theatre studies in 2002. She developed a regular lunchtime yoga practice while recovering from a series of traumatic losses in 2016. At the same time, she was competing as an Olympic weightlifter and found yoga to be a great complement to both her resistance training and personal healing journey.

In 2018, Shavonne earned her 200-hour certification from CitYoga School of Yoga and Health under the instruction of Marsha Pappas and Dave Sims. Shavonne’s intention as a teacher is to share the lessons of grace and ease she has learned to help others reconnect with themselves and to appreciate who they are in the present.


200-Hour CYT
July 2018